From the Ground Up: Hammer & Chisel

by First Security Mortgage // June 23, 2016

Champagne and a business partner formed Hammer & Chisel in 2004. Today, he is sole owner, and enjoys the challenge of creating structures that combine the visions of his clients with the old-world designs he incorporates into his designs. Read More

Fire Safety for a Two-Story House

by First Security Mortgage // June 18, 2016

Every year my children’'s elementary school sends home information about fire safety.  My boys eagerly tell me about the firefighters who come to the school, and each year my oldest son reminds us that we need a fire safety plan for our home. Each year, I agree. Read More

Home Staging Ideas

by First Security Mortgage // June 8, 2016

The Arkansas Realtors Association reports that home sales in Arkansas are on the rise –- up 10% over a year ago - –so if you are preparing to sell your home this year, here are some tips to use to make your home appealing to buyers. Read More

Natural State Treehouses

by First Security Mortgage // June 8, 2016

Ever just want to quit your comfortable office job and start your own treehouse building company? In case you weren’'t aware, this kind of thing is actually possible these days – even in the middle of the recession – if you’re willing to make the leap. Read More

Gardening Season Begins

by // June 8, 2016

With the feeling of spring in the air, I’'ve been dying for a little dirt therapy in the garden. If you’'re looking to get a few things in the ground during these warm days, there are a few veggies that actually enjoy the cooler nights. Read More

Get Started Gardening with Containers

by First Security Mortgage // June 6, 2016

Whether you’'re just moving into a new home and don’'t want to commit to planting a large garden, or you’'ve never gardened before and don’'t know where to start, containers are a great way to ease into it without a lot of effort. Read More

2016 Trends for Arkansas Gardens

by First Security Mortgage // May 1, 2016

Gardening has always held a special place in the hearts of Southerners, and Arkansans are no exception. We have a long history in taking pride in our curb appeal, so to speak. Read More